About The Lakes Legacy

In the Bible, God constantly reminds his people to remember what he has done in the past. Is that because He wants us to reminise about the “good old days?” I really don't think so.  His reminder to remember his grace in the past is an encouragement to trust him for what he plans in the future. Past grace points toward future grace. This site is a glance at our short history and serves three purposes.

First, there is an element of celebration. God has been abundantly faithful.  We look back at the first day our Trustees walked into the dark and odiferous theater (I think they thought I had lost my mind) and we celebrate 20 salvations in that old theater.  We celebrate the reality that a year ago there were 8-10 teenagers involved in our youth group and now there are 35-40.  We celebrate the irrational generosity of giving away $68,410 to local, regional and global missions.  I could go on but it is described in the  pages of this site.

Second, this Lakes Legacy report provides a measure of accountability from your leadership and fellow church members. The mission of the Church of the Lakes isn’t carried forward by a handful of people with the anointing of God. It’s carried forward by every person who is pursuing the leadership of the Spirit.

Third, this is a challenge for us to remain faithful. One of my prayers for Church of the Lakes has been that as God makes us bigger, we would never lose the spirit and focus we had at our beginning that our primary mission is bringing other people to Jesus. We may add services or eventually consider a different location, but we have one mission: leading people to True Life.  What will God do now if we keep making ourselves available to him? Our God is not just a God of the past. He’s a God of the present and of the future. I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.